Wild Horses in North America

Wild horses in the North American Rocky Mountains are in danger of dying due to over population. There are a band of cowboys who are dedicated to managing the horses and making sure they do not starve to death. Watch this video documentary written, directed and produced in 2002 by Jan Delaporte. This is his full-length English language version, approximately 50 minutes. Special Thanks to Jan Delaporte for creating this informative video and uploading it to YouTube.

Wild Horse Video
Dan Stroud

About Dan Stroud

Besides my family, I have two great passions in my life, competition armwrestling with the World Armwrestling League and my horses. I have been riding horses since I was 3 years old. Horses are spirit creatures that have a highly developed intuition and sixth sense which gives them the ability to perceive a person's emotional state, their attitude, personality and hidden intentions. If you will learn how to teach them with kindness and never give up, they will respect you and your children, and become very loyal friends for life.I wish you many happy trails in your life. – Dan Stroud

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