Refund Policy

Digital Media and Video Lesson Refund Policy
Updated April 1, 2017

Our website provides digital products and services that are for the purpose of education, information and entertainment. Once a digital product or services has been used, in the form of reading, viewing, watching a video or listening to an audio online or by download, the product or service we sell or giveaway is consumed by the user and therefore cannot be returned unused. Our products and services include video training lessons, audio recordings, ebooks, articles, blog posts, subscription and pre-paid membership services that expire, plus other products and services in digital, not physical form.

We provide online access to individuals who want to purchase our products and services through one-time purchases, monthly subscription service and pre-paid memberships on our website.

Pre-Paid Membership Subscriptions currently DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY RENEW AT EXPIRATION, but we will send you an email prior to the expiration of your membership period so you will have the opportunity to renew or stop paying for your membership at our current price.

REFUND POLICY: All pre-paid members have unlimited access to view any video lesson available in their membership level. Once a video lesson has been published online and made available to pre-paid members, or purchased and viewed by a visitor to the website, it is considered delivered and received as a non-refundable digital service, similar to a pay-per-view or video membership service. Therefore, due to the digital nature of the “video lessons and digital products” on our website, we DO NOT refund any pre-paid video lessons, pre-paid memberships and/or the current month subscription fees. Refunds of physical products are allowed on an individual basis.

To prevent future charges for pre-paid membership fees, you can stop renewing your pre-paid membership. To prevent future charges for monthly subscription fees, cancel your subscription payment in the Member’s Dashboard or contact support to stop your subscription.

If you cancel your subscription or stop renewing your pre-paid membership fees, your account will be downgraded to our Horseshoe Club Membership which is free. You can continue to purchase our products and horse training video lessons at the current published price on our website.

See additional details concerning purchases, subscriptions and memberships on our website at:

Your action to visit our website, view any article, blog post, video, or horse training lesson and/or purchase or register for any product, including but not limited to, a free membership, a subscription service or a pre-paid membership, confirms and signifies that you agree with all of the above statements, conditions and terms contained in our Refund Policy, including statements, conditions and terms contained in our Terms of Use Agreement, Privacy Policy and our Disclaimer of Video Training and Information Services.

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