Free Roaming Wild Horses and Mustangs of Nevada

Here’s a great video by Mixup98 on YouTube that features the free roaming wild horses and mustangs of Nevada. It’s estimated that there are over 35,000 wild horses in the Nevada wilderness. These majestic animals roam the west in the wild like they have done for centuries. It’s a great pleasure to watch them in their natural habitat.

Free Range Wild Horses in Nevada

Special Thanks to Mixup98 on YouTube for this great video. He’s also a great marksman, so if you like to learn more about shooting firearms checkout his YouTube Channel.

Dan Stroud

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Besides my family, I have two great passions in my life, competition armwrestling with the World Armwrestling League and my horses. I have been riding horses since I was 3 years old. Horses are spirit creatures that have a highly developed intuition and sixth sense which gives them the ability to perceive a person's emotional state, their attitude, personality and hidden intentions. If you will learn how to teach them with kindness and never give up, they will respect you and your children, and become very loyal friends for life.I wish you many happy trails in your life. – Dan Stroud

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