Dan Stroud

Who is Dan Stroud?


Besides my family, I have two great passions in my life, competition armwrestling with the World Armwrestling League and my horses. I have been riding horses since I was 3 years old. Horses are spirit creatures that have a highly developed intuition and sixth sense which gives them the ability to perceive a person’s emotional state, their attitude, personality and hidden intentions.

Horses are naturally suspicious and distrustful around strangers. They need constant reassurance that you will not hurt them, that you love and respect them. You can only do this by demonstrating your affection through your actions and the tone of your voice. You must always be gentle, kind and show appreciation. If you will learn how to teach them with kindness and never give up, they will respect you and your children, and become very loyal friends for life.

Throughout my life I have learned how to talk to and guide my horses into faithful personal pets that are obedient, respectful and gentle with children, while never losing their spirit. I have created a number of videos demonstrating how I train my horses and feature them on this website.

I hope you will be entertained and learn something that will help you with your horse and be able to pass on this knowledge to your family and friends.

Dan Stroud

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