Desensitize Your Horse to Loud Sounds

Desensitize Your Horse to Sudden Sounds

Watch this video on why and how I desensitize my horses to sudden loud sounds. It is so important to desensitize your horse. Sounds, motions, animals and anything new can scare your horse and you, or a loved one, can be seriously injured. I’ve created multiple videos featuring the techniques I used on each horse to eliminate the fear of sudden loud sounds or unfamiliar distractions. In these videos I will show how to train your horse to adapt to any sound, motion, or sight that they may come across during a daily ride, training or trail riding adventure.

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How to Bridle a Horse Video

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The God Lord said in the Bible, the Horse and Oxen are beasts of burden. Their mouths are made to hold a bridle. In this video I will show you how to properly put a bridle on. The bridle is meant for control. If you have total control of your horse, you have less worries and more pleasure.
As you are putting on a bridle, you do not want the horse to move. With this video, and others to come, I will show how to control your horse to bridle through love and understanding.

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